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    How do you work with a virtual bookkeeper?

    Our virtual bookkeepers are NOT work from home individuals whom we can have no control over. All our virtual bookkeepers work from our office in India. Our virtual bookkeepers can work using either of the two methods.

    • Use our own computer and software and send you the work, reports and backups as per your requirement
    • Log-in remotely into your computer, using secure connection and complete the work

    The choice is entirely up-to you and we are equally comfortable with both the methods. The work process, turnaround and the rest are entirely up to you to decide. We always have backup resources to cover your work. So you don't need to worry about missing any deadline or completing any urgent task. We are flexible and will adapt to meet your exact requirements.

    What are the steps involved in getting a virtual bookkeeper?

    You specify & we will find the right match

    You specify your requirements for the bookkeeper such as the software that is required to be used, work timing and any other requirement that you want us to do. We will then match your requirements with our bookkeepers and select the most appropriate one.

    Direct communication with your bookkeeper

    When we both are ready, which is normally less than 3-4 days, you will be connected directly with your virtual bookkeeper. You can then communicate to them by Email, Live chat or talk to them through a local US phone number at our office. They will then start working on your tasks.

    Tools used by virtual bookkeeper

    Secure online data transfer system

    Sending accounting or financial information as email attachments is not safe. There is a good chance of intrusion and data theft. In order to address this concern, we have developed a secure Web-portal with a 256-bit encryption which is as safe as online banking.

    When you sign up, you will receive a unique account id in our secure web-portal. This account is made available to you for free. You can use it to securely send and receive all your statements, receipts and reports. You just scan your paper receipts/statements and send them as pdf documents or in other formats such spreadsheet or word document. The portal ensures that your data is very safe during transmission and storage.

    Now that you have read all good things about using virtual bookkeeper, does that sound too good to be true? Can something go terribly wrong? Are there any issues of using a virtual bookkeeper? Well, we want you to know that as well. Click on the link below, to find it yourself.

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