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    Grow your accounting practice: with no risk

    Expanding the accounting practice often means taking on additional risks such as capital expenditure, marketing budget, infrastructure and additional recruitment costs. Accounting firms often hesitate to plan for expansion, because it is too big a risk. Now there is a real opportunity by using virtual bookkeepers, you don't have any risk.

    Virtual bookkeeper for CPA firms

    When you hire virtual bookkeeper, it is as good as having your own employee at a far away location. You can direct their work and with them in mind, you can easily plan for your future projects and business growth without any risk. We share the risk of hiring cost, training and their management.

    The good thing is it costs much less than having bookkeeping resources at your own office. It is easy to start working with virtual bookkeepers and a wonderful flexibility to have.

    How does the virtual bookkeeper work?

    • Hire either part or full-time virtual bookkeeper based on your requirement
    • Easy to sign-up and usually immediate start
    • You specify the mode of work - Remote login, Online software or work from our computers and send you the reports and back-ups
    • Communicate back and forth using your account in our secure web portal
    • You focus on expanding the business, while we will manage production

    Some of your benefits

    • 60% or more cost savings with same or better quality
    • Easy to accommodate change in workload
    • Grow practice with no capital investments & overheads

    We work with many CPA firms and we have many success stories to share. Contact us today and find how it can work for you.

    Virtual bookkeeper from $8.45 per hour Enquire online >>