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    Data security & protection

    It is natural that you are concerned about the security of data, even more so when handled by a virtual bookkeeper. It is all the more important since it contains your precious financial information. But, you can absolutely trust us to deal with them safely, with no doubt whatsoever. Your data confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and we take every possible step to ensure the security of your data. Our entire virtual bookkeeping business is built upon ensuring the protection of your data.

    Here are the ways how we ensure the safety of your data

    Our company

    We are a US Corporation and our registered office is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. So we have to adhere to the same privacy and data security laws as you do. We are also registered for data protection in the United Kingdom. So, for a start you are not dealing with a foreign company, whose rules and laws you are completely alien to.

    256 Bit encrypted online file transfer system

    When dealing with a virtual bookkeeper, you need a secure system to send the files back and forth. Naturally you want it to be safe & secure. That's why we have developed a 256-bit encrypted secure online portal. This uses the same encryption technology, used by banks and other financial institutions. You will get an exclusive account in our easy to use online system using which you can securely communicate with your virtual bookkeeper.

    Systems & Secure data server

    All our servers are security certified, protected by software/hardware firewalls, and all of them are located in USA data centres. It's also backed-up frequently to ensure safe archival of data. All our computers are protected by restricted user access, various levels of passwords. Our internal & external network is also protected by firewalls. We also use monitoring software on all our computers and this continuously captures and logs all the user activity.

    Office - 24/7 Surveillance and Finger print access

    Our state of the art offices are specifically designed to ensure data security. Access to the work area is restricted by biometric finger scan reader. This way only the authorized people can access the work area. We also use CCTV surveillance and employ security guards 24/7 to protect our offices.

    Security cleared staff

    All our virtual bookkeepers work from our own office and we don't employ work from home individuals. All of our bookkeepers are checked for criminal records and security cleared before they begin employment. Our staff also sign non-disclosure agreements and each one of them are trained on our data protection policy.

    These are some highlights of our security procedures. We actually think beyond and continuously re-assess our data security procedures. You can be 100% confident that you are working with a highly trusted service provider. If you have any questions, about our data security procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to answer your specific questions.

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