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    Frequently ask questions

    I run a small business. I want a virtual assistant to do some admin tasks along with bookkeeping. Can your virtual bookkeeper help?

    Yes. That is absolutely fine. Our virtual bookkeepers are not only bookkeepers. They are college graduates so can do any other tasks that you can assign them. If you also want other administrative tasks such as websites etc to be managed, our virtual bookkeeper will definitely help.

    We are a CPA firm. I want to use a virtual bookkeeper. But I want a guarantee that this arrangement will stay confidential and none of our customers or competetiors should know about it. What assurance do you have?

    We work with many CPA firms and we supply virtual bookkeepers for many. We will always stay behind and never ever talk to any of your clients. Our standard agreements with CPA firm clearly include non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competetion points. So you never need to worry about these.

    Can I have someone to work part-time for us less than 40 hours a month?

    Yes. We can provide a virtual bookkeeper for less than 40 hrs of work. The rates for this staff is $15 per hour.

    Can the virtual bookkeeper do overnight updates to our books?

    Yes. Our people can certainly do overnight updates to your books. You just need to inform us about your priorities and our staff will manage it accordingly.

    Isn't scanning papers a difficult task? Do you offer any help setting it up?

    Scanning used to be a difficult process few years ago. Scanning technology has evolved very fast and these days days even a desktop scanner (priced about $300) can scan about 30 pages/minute. You just need to stack up all your invoices, receipts in a paper feeder and push a button. It will convert them into PDF documents quickly. Some of the fast scanners are Fujitsu Scansnap and Xerox desktop scanners.

    If you need any help just inform us when the scanner arrives. Our technical team can help set-it up remotely and walk you through the entire process.

    Who will have access to my online account in the web portal?

    This is totally up to you. Your online account will be password protected and you can authorize access to only the individuals you desire.

    How should I send the information?

    Once you sign up with us we will set you up with an account in our Secure Web Portal. You can send the documents and other information using this Website. Your virtual bookkeeper will access this secure site to receive the information at our end and do the work. You can send previous years Quickbooks back-ups, Excel or any other accounting software files. You can store all your paper documents with yourself, for your future reference.

    In what format will I get back the information?

    You let us know about the format you require. Typically we send the reports back in the simplest of formats like Spreadsheets or PDF docs. We can also send back-ups of accounting software like QuickBooks, Peach Tree, Simply accounting, Sage etc., It is your decision and you can let us know how you need it and when you need it.

    We are a start-up and we want to start with part-time staff and when we grow we want the same person to work full-time. Is that possible?

    Yes it is possible. It would be easy for us, if you can give us enough notice.

    How do I start?

    Sign-up online here. You will get a confirmation and will be set-up on our online system. An account manager will contact you soon, to discuss your needs and then will allocate your virtual bookkeeper.

    What if I don't like the bookkeeper? Can I change the bookkeeper ? Or How can I cancel your service?

    In the highly unlikely case of you not liking our virtual bookkeeper, just email us. If you want we will replace them with a new bookkeeper.

    If you want to cancel the service, just send us an email. All we ask is a 30 day notice. We will complete all the partially completed work and return all your reports/documents. No questions asked.

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