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    Individuals or Integra virtual bookkeepers?

    When you decide to hire virtual bookkeepers, you have two options. You can either hire

    • Work from home virtual bookkeeper (or)
    • Virtual book keepers from Integra (a virtual bookkeeper company)

    We do not offer work from home virtual bookkeepers. All our people work from our high security office in India. What is the difference, which one is better? You decide it yourself. Here is the comparison.

    Integra virtual bookkeeper Vs Work from home individuals

    Work from home individual bookkeeper Integra virtual bookkeeper
    Number of tasks Limited to phd capacity of an individual's working hours No limitations. Can take on any volume of work.
    Back-up staff & additional work Not possible Back-up and additional staff available on a short notice.
    Proximity You can probably find someone near your office. We only work from our office in India.
    Data security Responsibility is witd you. Not many individuals are aware of security issues. High security web portal for transmission/storage of data. Multiple layers of data security.
    Expansion Not possible. Possible in a short notice.
    Communication Is Ok if one individual. Difficult if many. Single point of contact. Easy to communicate.

    If your requirements are minimal and if you want a virtual bookkeeper to work close to your office in the same city or area, then you are better off to use a work from home individual. For anything else, you will be better off using our service.

    Virtual bookkeeper from $8.45 per hour Enquire online >>