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  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Invoice processing
  • Inventory management
  • Credit control
  • Financial statements preparation


  • 100% data security and confidentiality
  • Certified bookkeepers at low price
  • Excellent English for easy communication
  • Instant support via phone, email & chat
  • You deal with a US corporation
  • Flexible terms to match your needs
  • Transparent pricing and no hidden charges
  • Fixed fee option if that suits you better

100+ satisfied customers in, USA, UK, Canada Australia and more...

As a result of using your service I found you to be knowledgeable, fast, friendly and inexpensive. It was a great business decision to choose you! The specific feature I liked most about your service is YOUR PRICE! Two other benefits important to me are your speed in completing the job (You are very FAST!) and FRIENDLY service.

I am very happy with Integra, and I will use them for the rest of my life!

Medical Information Systems

We were made to eat the humble pie by Integra's excellent team. It is easy for us to communicate with Integra than our clients. They are with us in a second on instant message or just a phone call away. They are our trusted allies. Now all of us wish we had known them before. Our aim is to hide Integra, from our competitors.

Mark Peasley,

It took time in establishing trust, and I have checked with many references before I started using Integra. Now, I would be glad to give a glowing reference for Integra.

I would like to add one more point. Since I started using Google Documents, it is a great way of sharing information and questions.

Dennis Laur,

"My biggest worry was handing our data and implications to data security. But it was quickly evident that Integra's data protection measures are fool proof.

I am comfortable working with Integra and I can be thorough because of low-costs. Another big advantage is, they are very happy to work to my process and not theirs.."

James Hunt,

Before we planned to outsource, our biggest fear was the ability to have good communication. However, Integra staff could grasp the instructions and begin processing so quickly that we didn't see any back log in work. Whatever errors were made were due to the short fall in our instructions.

In order to begin using Integra, we were forced to tighten up our procedure and processes, and it was just a bonus.

Ian Morrison,

We wanted the benefits of outsourcing. But we held it back because we did not want our clients to know nor we would allow any outsourcing company to talk to our clients direct. So we wanted to associate with a trusted outsourcing partner who will stay behind the scene all the time.

That's when we found Integra. It works perfectly for us. They always stay behind the scene, do all our grunt work and send us all the questions. We send the answers back, they complete the job. We are also protected by their strong confidentiality agreement. Integra has made us feel safe about outsourcing.

Accounting Firm, London

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